Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hey everyone,

Nat and I were talking today, and are thinking it would be cool to get some kind of collaborative project going [similar to ten paces and draw, check it out]. Basically, we all do a sketch, switch around with everyone, then take the sketch you receive and make it into a final piece. Would anyone be interested? Maybe over Winter Break as an excuse to keep making art?


  1. that would be sweet! Like make a collaboration with everyone or we all group in smaller groups and make collabs?

  2. I think it would be good to do something not exactly like ten paces, but definitely similar. like every week there's a topic and we do an illustration.. not something epic, but something fun in styles we'd like to explore.

  3. Natalie- agreed. Let's brainstorm to come up with a different take so we can do our own thing and become internet/real life super stars. Initial ideas: something having to do with music? having to do with specific subjects outside of art? [science, nature, cultures, history, etc.] Most importantly, I think the products should be something that a lot of people would find interesting [duh, ha]